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“We are all Satoshi” – Bitcoin Community Reacts to Latest Speculation

Reading Time: 2 minutes by on December 12, 2015 News
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The “disclosure” of Satoshi Nakamoto’s identity has become an international scandal as the Australian police and the federal government raided the house of 44-year-old computer scientist Craig Wright, suspected to be the mysterious creator of Bitcoin as a part of an extensive national investigation. By and large, however, the Bitcoin community has met the news with overwhelming skepticism.

Wired Magazine and Gizmodo, the first two publications to release evidence linking Wright to Satoshi Nakamoto provided three main arguments:

  1. PGP public key of Craig Wright linked to Satoshi Nakamoto
  2. Wright’s blog post about bitcoin before the release of the Bitcoin whitepaper
  3. Wright’s blog post about the launch of bitcoin

However, the PGP public key of Craig Wright, which the two publications released as their main evidence to prove Satoshi Nakamoto’s true identity, was later discovered by Bitcoin core developer Gregory Maxwell to be forged.

“A lot of the evidence is almost certainly forged. What is more likely: Someone created Bitcoin and later forged a bunch of evidence that they created Bitcoin? Or, someone didn’t create Bitcoin and forged a bunch of evidence that they created Bitcoin?” said Maxwell.

As one of Wired Magazine and Gizmodo’s key pieces of evidence turned out to be forged, the Bitcoin community has begun to conduct its own research and investigations to unravel the background of Wright. International organizations such as Wikileaks have also reacted to the supposed discovery of Satoshi Nakamoto, stating, “Email from Satoshi Nakamoto’s email address appears denying to be Craig Wright. But note such emails are fakeable.”

Charles Stuart University, the educational institution where Craig Wright supposedly received a PhD, released a statement to Mashable confirming that Wright was never awarded a PhD and was an adjunct academic at CSU.

Furthermore, an increasing number of bitcoin enthusiasts have pointed out that the true Satoshi Nakamoto would be subject to extortion or jailed in protective custody; Satoshi is well aware of these risks and thus would never attempt to disclose his or her identity.

According to Wall Street Reporter and author of Digital Gold Nathaniel Popper, Wright’s writing style does not match Satoshi’s. “Satoshi was understated + opted for economy in his writing (+ spelled well) That’s where Wright doesn’t match,” said Popper in a Tweet on December 8.

Popper also claims to have received an interesting email back in October from a group trying to dox Craig Wright. “Got a very curious email attempting to dox Craig Wright – Wired’s Satoshi – back in Oct. Didn’t find it convincing at the time.”

Perhaps the last word on this can be given to Satoshi Nakamoto himself. As he seems to have declared in a statement: “I am not Craig Wright. We are all Satoshi.” 

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