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Week 1: A Moonshot for the NEO DevCon Conference: DBC

Reading Time: 6 minutes by on January 28, 2018 Moonshot

If you are to aim for the moon, a failure is not landing among the stars. A moonshot is a coin you are willing to hold for multiple months with the expectation of a return astronomically greater than alternatives. The first moonshot is DBC, presenting this week at NEO DevCon.

What is a Moonshot?

A moonshot is a coin that you believe is undervalued significantly with a great likelihood of attaining returns far higher than market alternatives. Incorporating a balanced portfolio with a few moonshots is an important aspect of diversification. However, moonshots are generally the highest risk asset class among cryptos, or second highest risk, solely falling behind ICOs. Moonshots in the cryptocurrency world are coins that can attain 100 percent returns in under a month, or provide 500 percent plus returns in under three months.

Many coins fluctuate greatly but finding the true needle in the haystack takes substantial research. Occasionally all investors get lucky, but doing the due diligence is more important than anything in a financial space filled with scams, FUD, and institutional manipulation. Moonshots should never be one’s entire portfolio but if you are choosing to invest/gamble in the cryptocurrency space, having a few moonshots creates a very exciting piece to your portfolio. In researching from prior articles, a few potential moonshots were discovered. After further analysis, the first BTCManager Moonshot can be confirmed as; DBC (Deep Brain Chain). Through research if and when moonshots are discovered they will be highlighted and written about every weekend. Today is the first of many moonshot articles to come.


Is Deep Brain Chain truly the needle in the haystack? Possibly! This coin is unlikely to be the 100xer each investor dreams about. This coin is, also highly unlikely to be the next Bitcoin. However, what DBC stands for, Deep Brain Chain, is revolutionary tech that has a vast footprint this week and in the coming months. Coins, especially smaller market cap coins, have the most positive momentum when there is significant publicity. Smaller market cap coins also provide returns far higher than the general market during a bull rally. With futures having expired a few days ago and the futures traders having bet bitcoin will rally this coming month (opposed to last month when they bet against bitcoin’s price climb), altcoins should have a fantastic rebound this coming month. But what makes DBC more valuable than most other altcoins? NEO.

If anyone has been following the news this week, NEO is sponsoring DevCon, NEO DevCon. NEO makes up over 50 percent of the speaking engagements on their agenda, but there is the occasional ICO and altcoin presenting. DBC happens to be one of those “other” altcoins presenting. NEO is more commonly known as the “Chinese ether” because it is accomplishing what Ethereum does on a different blockchain. DBC was one of the first ICOs released on the NEO network and specializes in Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) computing. The success of NEO this week is tied to the Northern price trend of DBC, but the publicity the NEO DevCon presentation provides what will be the initial catalyst for DBC’s rocket launch. Getting to the moon is a multiple step process. Prior to investing any amount, it is essential to understand the investment, DBC.

What is DBC?

Deep Brain Chain is a decentralized neutral network that distributes computational requirements to nodes (thousands of them) in order to lower the costs of computing. It does this on the blockchain ensuring it takes advantage of the technological advancements the blockchain provides. DBC is a Data Computation Platform and a Data Trading Platform which uses distributed spare computing resources. By having a decentralized network of neural nodes, it makes AI computational demands exponentially cheaper than standard alternatives. DBC aims to reduce the cost of AI by approximately 70 percent by incorporating the blockchain. DBC also secures the separation of data ownership and usage rights. It is able to accomplish this while securing intellectual property for the data and for the products individually. DBC is able to simultaneously accomplish this while protecting against data leaks via hacking due to the strength of the blockchain. DBC likes to highlight on their website how there were 5,000 new AI companies between 2012 and 2016 with very few attaining significant market adoption. With billions invested into the AI computing sector, there will eventually be one that succeeds. It is only reasonable to assume it will be on the blockchain given the technological advancements the blockchain provides.

However, what makes DBC unique when compared to other AI companies is they are under the radar for most investors (about to change with NEO DevCon), they currently have a functioning product with 1000s of semantic skills, their team is regularly doing development updates and active on social media, NEO invested directly in their ICO, and they have clients which include Microsoft, Samsung, and Siemens. Having a NEO partnership and clients that include the top names in the technology industry it begins to become clear how important DBC may be by the end of quarter one. By glancing at the Core Team on the DBC homepage, it is evident it is full of important and emerging stars in the Artificial Intelligence technological sector. The CEO, He Yong, presided over Research and Development of Smart 360. Smart 360 was a Chinese AI voice assistant. Proudly, He invented the intelligent semantic error correction engine used primarily for game translation. The resumes of the rest of the Core Team is equally as impressive. With such an impressive team and compounding other factors, it seems DBC is poised for success.  Many factors can lead to a significant boost in the market cap of a coin; these are commonly referred to as “catalysts.” There are many catalysts for what will turn DBC from a coin with a market cap of $140 million into a coin worth $500 million or $1 billion.


First and foremost is the convention next week. DBC is presenting in one of the last time slots on the second day of NEO DevCon. This coupled with the market rebound this week should provide the initial catalyst for DBC’s climb. Currently DBC is available on KuCoin and Huobi but when they announce their addition to an even larger exchange the second phase of the catalyst climb will begin. This week’s rebound will provide the shuttle for launch and the NEO DevCon convention will ignite the engines.

Approaching the moon will come following any significant news this quarter. In analyzing their roadmap, it is easy to realize how large of a first-quarter they intend to have. DBC is completing their AI Testnet and building internal testing environments. Following completion of their Testnet, they intend to support users’ submission of AI training requests and aim to finish training on the Testnet. Following education and completion of the Testnet they plan to build a Contribution and Reward System. At this point their global meetups begin. This is when if the Testnet is successful we will approach orbit. These global meetups are scheduled to take place in Dublin, Hamburg, Amsterdam, and San Francisco. The final aspect is one of the more unique aspects of their roadmap, to attend one global blockchain conference every month. This completes their plan for the first quarter of 2018 and to begin they are presenting and sponsoring NEO DevCon.

With such an ambitious first quarter and starting it off with a market cap under $150 million this coin can easily approach the $500 million market cap. This would provide a return of over 300 percent. Although a higher risk investment compared to bitcoin the returns are also potentially exponentially greater.


Pigs get fat; hogs get slaughtered. Live by this rule while investing. A moonshot everyone dreams of, but the reality is they are exceptionally difficult to have come to fruition. Never risk more than you can lose and always be willing to diversify your original investment, and potentially some of the profits. Being a hog will get you slaughtered. Be a pig, enjoy getting fat. Deep Brain Chain (“DBC”) is the first moonshot for BTCManager and should see a significant price climb with the market rebound and with their presenting and sponsoring NEO DevCon. This entire week should be all about NEO with lesser known coins like DBC enjoying the greatest percentage gains.

The next few days should be very exciting for those holding both DBC and NEO. DBC should see exponential gains with their ambitious quarter one, meetups all over the world, conferences monthly, and with all this beginning January 31. DBC would be a great one-week hold or a multiple month buy and hold as a moonshot! Remember to stay diversified and ensure as the price climbs of any coin you continue to manage your investment. A moonshot is not a coin that should necessarily be day traded, but if substantial gains are achieved in a short period, make sure to be satisfied and diversify your investment. DBC should be a fantastic play through NEO DevCon and for the remainder of Q1.


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