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What Makes ImpulseVen Stand Out from the Crowd

Press Release

What Makes ImpulseVen Stand Out from the Crowd?

Reading Time: 2 minutes by on August 29, 2020 Press Releases
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Today’s financial world is changing at a pace never before seen in history. New instruments are being developed and made available to anyone willing to explore the space and to serve a wide variety of needs. Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is one such ambitious attempt to decentralize core traditional financial use cases like trading, lending, and staking on the blockchain, and so it represents the future backbone of the global economy.

As the crypto and the traditional finance world continue to converge, we believe the stage is set for a global FinTech and DeFi revolution. The need for a trustworthy way to transact with each other is becoming more important with every passing day, and this is exactly the need ImpulseVen aims to fulfill. It is a Defi project built on the Ethereum blockchain system that creates a new decentralized exchange that allows users to swap tokens. This exchange is officially launching in the last quarter of 2020, and from the looks of it; this project is expected to be the biggest hit.

Generally, all the financial transactions go through a centralized custodial service provider because of counter-party risk (a risk that your asset may not be received after you have paid advance). To eradicate this risk, ImpulseVen uses a decentralized exchange that is focused on cross-chain and non-custodial transactions. Assets from both parties help in escrowing through smart contracts and allow the exchange only when all the requirements are met, thus eliminating all the counterparty risk.

ImpulseVen has an innovative staking and lending platform. Staking reflects the compounding value gained by withdrawing tokens by circulation and storing them to raise the percentage profit. Lending Platform allows borrowers to deposit their crypto-assets as collateral and take stable currencies against them at low interest. It also enables borrowers to collect their secure coins on loans and receive passive interest as a type of VEN token.

This platform also features a flexible smart contract for payment distribution and bill collection, based on digital signature dynamics of various accounts. This offers huge potential for success in global market.

There is no need to pay fee for 6 months for any swaps made through this platform. The tokens available on ImpulseVen are deflationary on every swap made through the exchange. Token Holders can also stake VEN & other tokens to earn staking rewards, which we will bring based on the voting of our community. These rewards can be withdrawn anytime.

The DAO makes ImpulseVen a decentralized organization. It gives all members of the DAO voting rights and incentives to utilize those voting rights, thus providing them full control over the ecosystem.


The ImpulseVen project is still in the pre-launch phase; however, everything about it seems to be good on paper. It is very much expected to realize its aim of creating secure and high-performance staking, lending, and exchange platform. It is only fair to say that this is going to be one of, if not the most massive project in the near future.

For more information about this project, connect with ImpulseVen:


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