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Bitcoin’s Biggest Question: What Happens After All Blocks Are Mined?

Press Release

Why Smart Hashes Choose ASIC Equipment for Cryptocurrency Mining and How It Helps in Mining Efficiency?

Reading Time: 2 minutes by on August 6, 2021 Press Releases
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Cloud mining is gaining momentum every day. The more cloud mining companies update their equipment, the more effectively the company continues to operate. Very often there is a hunt for the latest processors or video cards for mining, since their number on the market is limited.

Smart Hashes is a cloud mining company that keeps the pace with improving its mining farm, which makes a big profit compared to competitors. Smart Hashes offers its users to take advantage of the rental of cloud equipment and choose the amount of capacities that the user wants. The profit from the leased equipment can be seen in the packages provided on the company’s website.

Smart Hashes uses the ASIC method in mining cryptocurrency. Since, the main mining currency is Bitcoin, which uses the SHA256 algorithm. One of the big advantages of ASIC miners is the ability to solve complex mathematical problems required for mining while keeping the network stable and secure. The equipment is located in dedicated data centers, which allows the customer to rent the equipment rather than physically owning it. That allows the user not to cover the depreciation costs of owning the equipment.

To service the equipment, Smart Hashes organized an uninterrupted power supply using alternative methods, a backup Internet channel, an improved method of cooling equipment and a security service to ensure the mining farm’s 24/7 operation. It saves a tremendous amount of time for clients, ensures safety and effectiveness in production.

Reasons to choose cloud mining at Smart Hashes:

1. Clients mine only on the best and latest hardware, which allows them to get more income compared to competitors;

2. Thanks to cloud mining, it is possible to receive passive income;

3. The company guarantees regular payments;

4. It is possible to use a Referral Program;

5. Convenient interface to control the cryptocurrency mining;

6. Automatic inclusion of the package;

7. Fast support.

To start mining with Smart Hashes, you just need to go through a simple registration and choose the package that suits you. All packages differ in terms of validity and the amount of GH/s, which determines the daily profit. The availability and variety of packages makes it easy for any user to choose a rate. Receive regular and daily profits after purchasing the package.

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