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Will Bitcoinus overtake PayPal?

Reading Time: 4 minutes by on January 19, 2018 Press Releases

Revenues in the world of e-commerce rise at a double digit rate every year. In 2018 the amount spent online will exceed $3 trillion and it is not going to stop there. When we think about online payments most of the times PayPal is at least in TOP3 of our choices. Thus, the market of virtually any technology related product or service evolved beyond belief that cannot be said about the online payments. 

The Beginnings

In parallel with the development of internet, pioneer online payment services started to operate in the nineties. Stanford Federal Credit Union was established in 1994 and it was the first online internet banking provider in known history. 

No need to mention that there was a slightly different situation back then in contrast to nowadays on-click payment era. In order to complete an online transaction a user was supposed to know specialized ways of encryption and certain data transfer protocols. The systems weren’t adapted to constant changing of users’ numbers and their transactions making it even more inconvenient to complete.

The very first service providers on the online payment industry were Millicent (founded in 1995), ECash and CyberCoin. The major idea was to use micropayment systems and their common attribute was the attempt to create the electronic cash alternatives such as e-money or digital cash. Needless to say – all of that was deeply centralized.

In 1994 the Amazon was founded which still remains one of the e-commerce pioneers. Pizza Hut was also one of the first companies to accept online payments for food ordering.

The Rise of PayPal

Since the most popular online payment system remains PayPal with over $11 billion turnover in 2017, the future might seem a bit foggy when it comes to the fact of increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoinus – a new startup is aiming to overtake the dominance of online payments in only a couple of years. How will they do it?

Many of the traditional processing companies are not too motivated to switch to blockchain technology and in a way – new philosophy. Current boom of cryptocurrencies and immediate spread of number of blockchain online solutions will soon affect virtually all existing online based industries. More efficient and much safer information distribution brings completely new approach to internet payments.

That is exactly why the traditional payment processing companies like PayPal need to worry about. Not long from now blockchain based currencies will rule the most of online retail market and there is no way of stopping it as it seems.

Bitcoinus Brings the New Wave

Tomas Mickauskas, the CEO of Bitcoinus stated that, 

“A few years ago we were looking at the Bitcoin price with a major hope that it will bring the new era to the community of blockchain. You can say that if not Bitcoin – the technology would remain out of the media coverage for a long time maybe even forever. Now that we see how much of an impact it has already brought to the world, we will introduce Bitcoinus – revolutionary online payment processing for crypto. 2 years from now everyone will start to see where we’re going with it and after 5 years – Paypal will be in trouble.” 

Last year was phenomenal for many cryptocurrencies. The capitalization of Bitcoin alone rose over 1,400 percent in value which made it obvious that more and more retail customers will be switching to blockchain based currencies for many reasons. Most of them will maintain the focus on the growth of their capital. However, a very common practice is to spend a little bit of their capital gain on small retail purchases and the trend has only started to appear.

Bitcoinus ICO 

The ICO of Bitcoinus will commence on January 22, 2018. All contributors will be able to get a generous 47 percent discount on BIU tokens. Some of the best examples of future benefits are free transactions to B2B clients who will be interested in adopting the cryptocurrencies as their new progressive payment method. ICO expert and the head of business development in Bitcoinus Povilas Ruzgaila said, 

“Bitcoinus decided to start an ICO in order to promote the solution we create and also enable everyone to participate in this brilliant project. We will be implementing more than a 100 cryptocurrencies in the first stage of our development. Bitcoin and Ethereum are crazy popular and it’s great, however, we want to make more altoins available for payments to create more opportunities for all online businesses and crypto developers.” 

All individuals who will support the Bitcoinus project will also be able to get a variety of discounts while shopping on Bitcoinus retail partners’ online platforms and e-shops. BIU tokens will be traded in all major exchanges to provide liquidity. Therefore all conditions will be created for the BIU token to be accepted as a payment method to all Bitcoinus partners.

Bitcoinus ICO presale will offer 8M tokens 47 percent off the regular price, starts on January 22, 2018.


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