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Press Release

Wirex Limited Launches Wirex; Rebrands E-Coin

Reading Time: 2 minutes by on February 25, 2016 News, Press Releases
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London, February 25 2016 – Wirex Limited announced the launch of Wirex, the world’s first hybrid personal banking solution that combines the benefits of blockchain technology into everyday finances. Simultaneously, the rebranding will see the integration of E-Coin, the successful bitcoin debit card provider under the same company, into the new Wirex.

The Launch of Wirex: Drive Your Money

Wirex is the first financial service of its kind to provide bankless banking services, and are designed to close the gap between digital currencies and traditional currencies for everyday financial transactions.

Evolving to fill the needs of the global citizen, Wirex will offer 3 main services: convenient mobile banking via Wirex app, instant remittance services, and upgraded 2-way debit cards which allows on-demand conversion between bitcoin and traditional currencies. The services are available to customers in more than 130 countries.

Through the Wirex platform, users will no longer need to make cross-border fee payments for money transfers, nor go through the inconvenience of visiting physical locations. Wirex debit cards are borderless and is accepted in millions of shops and ATMs around the world.

Reason for rebranding and future direction

The success of E-Coin, which grew into more than 100,000 users within one year proved the huge demand of financial services utilising the blockchain technology. This prompted Wirex Limited to expand its products beyond bitcoin debit cards, in a way that is both accessible and user-friendly to the general public.

“Due to our expertise in the field, our team was able to offer additional services to both Bitcoin and non-Bitcoin community, so we decided to rebrand E-Coin into Wirex,” said Dmitry Lazarichev, co-founder of Wirex. “Wirex is much more than a bitcoin card. We felt the name reflects what we want it to be.”

Under Wirex, the bitcoin debit card is no longer a standalone service, but rather part of a comprehensive personal banking system for those seeking fast, convenient and secure financial transactions without the limitations of traditional financial institutions.

Will this affect current E-Coin users?

E-Coin users can continue to spend bitcoins using virtual and physical debit cards without problems. Once completely integrated into Wirex, E-Coin users will be able to enjoy and use all additional services from Wirex, such as using Wirex app and the ability to buy and sell bitcoins.1024x683

“There will be no changes to E-Coin users – all bitcoin debit card services will continue as normal and will not be affected during the integration process,” said Dmitry Lazarichev. “We will continually update our users via email, and our customer service support will be happy to answer any questions.”

Wirex will be available in March 2016. For earlier access, updates, and promotions, Wirex invites members of public to sign up in the waiting list.

For more info, please contact:

Tim Frost

VP Marketing & Business Development

[email protected]

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