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Bitcoin Craze Takes Over Universities Students Dropping their Degrees In Pursuit Of Trading

World Class Business Schools Join the Bitcoin Bandwagon with Blockchain Courses

Reading Time: 2 minutes by on April 9, 2018 Bitcoin, Blockchain, Business, Finance, News
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Even with the slump in the price of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, world interest in the nascent blockchain is steadily on the increase. In another move to the mainstream, top business schools are now offering related courses to keep up with demand and remain relevant.

The Crypto Fever Is Real

Last year bitcoin held the world spellbound with its meteoric rise in value. Although 2018 hasn’t been particularly bullish so far, interest in crypto and blockchain is still red-hot as students are now demanding more distributed ledger related courses. As such, institutions of learning have been left with no choice other than to formulate crypto-rich DLT programs.

Institutions including the Stanford Graduate School of Business, Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business are all fortifying their blockchain and cryptocurrency classes with up to date topics in a bid to satisfy the yearnings of students and employers.

According to CNBC, if not for the efforts of MBA student Itamar Orr, Stanford wouldn’t have added a full-time cryptocurrency course to the 2018 academic curriculum. Orr organized 12 of his classmates and wrote a letter to the top professors and partners of the school, informing them of the need to have a full-time crypto course

“They were always pop-ups. Many of us will have to discuss blockchain at our jobs. It makes sense to teach it. It gets you a competitive advantage; it’s an extra hammer in your toolbox.”

Even with the volatile nature of the crypto ecosystem and the very nascent nature of blockchain technology, quite a number of VCs still pumped their money into distributed ledger-based startups. Per a Pitchfork report, Venture capital investments in the sector rose by 88 percent last year, skyrocketing to a whopping $911 million.

Cryptocraze Fueling Interests

It’s stale news that if not for the massive returns of bitcoin and some altcoins over the years, many firms and high net worth individuals wouldn’t have had interest in blockchain technology today.

Susan Athey, a renowned crypto enthusiast and professor of cryptocurrency at Stanford Graduate School of Business further confirms this fact. In her words:

“The fluctuations in the prices have everyone mesmerized: just how did this happen? Many people have gone boom or bust, and that’s of course, exciting attracts a lot of interest and motivates people to understand what’s going on.”

It’s worth noting that the professor is also a board member of the world’s number three cryptocurrency Ripple, Lending Club and many others.

The one time Nasdaq top official who’s now functioning as an executive director at Georgetown Business School hinted that even Wall Street has caught the crypto bug as recruiters often call John Jacobs on the phone saying “You need to train them. We need people to understand how to apply blockchain technology.” Jacobs iterated that:

“Any world-class program is going to have to equip students in this field to compete. It’s everywhere we turn around.”

The revolution is on. Cryptocurrencies and blockchain are taking over the entire world: If you don’t join the movement, you’ll be left behind in the journey of innovation. The time is now.

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