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Outcompeting Destructive Systems with Smart Contracts

Smart Contracts for Social Good: Unlocking Blockchain's Potential Beyond Finance

Low-code Smart Contracts for the Enterprise with Unibright and DAML

Committed Settlement: Adoption under UK Law, an analysis by Linklaters

Blockchain’s Immutability Could Hold-up in Bankruptcy

A Generational Opportunity to Improve the Transfer of Value

Synchronize New York 2019: Digital Asset and DLT in the Real World

DAML Driven Development: Optimis

Change Healthcare Introduces Payment Blockchain Proof-of-Concept at HIMSS ’19

DAML Driven Development: MV37

DAML Driven Development: Hashed Health

The integral role of contract language in DLT interoperability

DAML wins ‘Best Overall Solution’ at Barclays DerivHack London

How much effort is required to become a DAML-Driven developer?

DAML Driven Development: IntellectEU

HKEX is teaming up with Digital Asset

DAML Driven Development: GFT

Smart contract code: when what you don't write is as important as what you do

How difficult is it to write correct smart contracts? Depends on your tools!

Smart contract language: the real arbiter of truth?

Keeping smart contracts private is hard, unless you truly understand them

"Trust but verify" is a valuable DLT model , does your language support it?

The only valid smart contract is a voluntary one,  easier said than done

A new language for a new paradigm: smart contracts

What properties must an enterprise smart contract language have?

Computerworld: ASX details timeline, features for new blockchain-inspired system

Distributed ledgers need more than traditional application design patterns

Blythe Masters interview from Blockchain Insider

ASX Gives Digital Asset’s Technology Green Light to Replace CHESS

Blythe Masters and Michael Bodson to Keynote Synchronize

Digital Asset to be Title Sponsor at Synchronize

Blythe Masters' Remarks and Fireside Chat With DTCC

Update on Open Source Community Work and Whitepapers

Digital Asset Releases Non-technical White Paper

Update on Open-Sourcing Plans for Digital Asset Modeling Language (DAML)

Introducing the Digital Asset Modeling Language: A Powerful Alternative to Smart Contracts for Financial Institutions

Moving Hyperledger to the Linux Foundation

Retiring Hyperledger Beta, Re-Open Sourcing Soon, and Other Changes

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