Cap Table Management by ExactEquity™

Your Stock. Your Plan.

ExactEquity™ from NASDAQ Private Market is a comprehensive, cloud-based solution for stock plan administration. ExactEquity helps make everything from the cap table to option exercises and reporting more accurate and efficient and even provides modeling tools to run ‘what-if’ and waterfall analyses for financing, valuation and exit scenarios.


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Via your private portal, ExactEquity guides your company through each phase of employee grants, from offer letters to board approvals, to grant notice generation and electronic signatures. ExactEquity lets you:

  • manage unlimited, custom vesting schedules
  • cancel, exercise or accelerate options
  • quickly report the summary status of the option pool – showing equity vested (free or allocated), itemized by employee
  • generate option expensing reports (FAS 123R or ASC 718) and disclosures


ExactEquity gives company administrators the power to grant full or partial access to founders, executives, accounting professionals, investors, board members, legal counsel, human resources and stock plan administrators and show employees customized views of their holdings. Our role-based access controls limit access to information with security features to help safeguard the information.  


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Our dedicated ExactEquity™ support team is available to help you get up and running quickly, troubleshoot issues, and take advantage of ExactEquity's full capabilities.


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