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Through brokers¬†NAB Trade, Ord Minnett, Morgans and our lead manager, AFS Capital Securities, we’re delighted to advise that the number applications received has exceeded expectations, with more than 400 individual investors applying for shares.

A Supplementary Prospectus was released on 29th October. This resulted in an extension to the IPO close date to Friday, 20 November. Copies of these documents are available at:

On 18th November 2015, ASIC requested that Bitcoin Group address some additional matters. One of these matters involves a request by ASIC that Bitcoin Group appoint an appropriately qualified independent expert to report on the bitcoin mining process and the bitcoin mining equation contained in the Replacement Prospects.

As a result of this request raised by ASIC, the IPO offer period has been extended to 8th January, 2016 with a subsequent ASX listing on 20 January, 2016.

Full details of the matters raised by ASIC can be viewed here:

Supplementary Prospectus II

A summary of the revised IPO schedule is listed below:

  • Offer close/ASX Bookbuild close: Friday, 8th January 2016
  • Settlement date: Wednesday, 13th January 2016
  • Expected issue Date: Friday, 14th January 2016
  • Expected date of dispatch of holding statements: Thursday, 15th January 2016
  • Expected listing Date: Wednesday, 20th January 2016

If you have applied for shares in the Bitcoin Group IPO and you wish to reconsider your application, you have the opportunity to withdraw your subscription and receive a full refund of your subscription monies. If you wish to withdraw, you must do so by 5.00pm on 8th January, 2016 by writing to Mr Allan Guo at

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