Press Release - New Aite Group Report - Blockchain: What Is It Good for? Absolutely Something

Once merely a fringe curiosity, blockchain now has the power to change everything.

Boston, December 16, 2015 - Bitcoin is the most well-known application built using blockchain, but it is far from the only application of this technology. Blockchains should be thought of as fundamental infrastructure, much like a relational database management system, such as SQL or Oracle. This fundamental infrastructure has the great potential to disrupt many aspects of financial services by lowering costs, reducing barriers to entry, supporting new products and services, and disintermediating players that have been central for many years. The latest Aite Group report, Blockchain: What Is It Good for? Absolutely Something, provides an overview of various financial services components that blockchain technology could disrupt or transform, and discusses key concerns that firms should consider when exploring the technology.

“Bitcoin has been the most visible application of the blockchain, but it and other cryptocurrencies are a tiny fraction of the technology’s potential applications,” says Ben Knieff, senior analyst on the Retail Banking & Payments team. “Many technical details and variations signify different implementations, all of which could mean potentially disruptive applications for these technologies.”

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