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What if there is a technological advancement so powerful that it transforms the very basic pillars of our society? A technology which fundamentally influences the way that our economy, governance systems and businesses function and could change our conceptual understanding of trade, ownership and trust? Well, welcome to the world of cryptocurrency.

You have heard of "the" or "a" blockchain before. You might or might not have played around it already, it doesn't really matter here. By the end of the hackathon you will have built something new, disruptive, maybe a game-changer. This hackathon is open to every idea, commercial or not, and every blockchain, Bitcoin and others. The Chainsmiths team will be there to train and mentor you, you don't need any experience in cryptocurrencies to participate. Of course, blockchain developers are also very welcome! Let's hack and have fun with some of the best talents in the field. And maybe win some prizes.

This is what will happen

and why you should be there


You will build. Most of your weekend will be spent with your team, hacking a product together. No experience needed though!


Workshops, talks, mentoring. No matter your expertise, you will learn something there.


This is not work. Plenty of time to relax, enjoy a coffee or a pint with amazing people.


  • Maximum team size: 4 members
  • Marks distribution:
  • 1. Idea originality 10 points
  • 2. Execution 30 points
    • User interface
    • Speed of response to user input
    • Handling of errors/various types of input
  • 3. Code quality 10 points
    • Code documentation
    • README and INSTALL instructions
    • Code readability and design
  • Mail the abstract to submissions@ktj.in


1st Prize : 1 BTC
2nd Prize : 0.5 BTC
3rd Prize : 0.25 BTC

Problem Statement

Create a blockchain app using blockchain/bitcoin technology. You can develop on platform of your choice(android/webapp/ios/desktop). Suggested ideas: block announcer, bitcoin transaction visualizer, bitcoin price/order book visualizer, bitcoin proof of identity, bitcoin notary, blockchain message service. You can use the following apis:

For more details click here

  1. Blockonomics API
  2. Blocktrail API
  3. Btcxindia API
  4. BitcoinAverage API

Winners of Blockchain Hackathon

1st Prize(1 BTC) : Haritabh Singh
2nd Prize(0.5 BTC) : Mayank Jindal
3rd Prize(0.125 BTC) : Shiwangi Shah
3rd Prize(0.125 BTC) : Somnath Rakshit

Congratulations to all the winners!!


Hitesh Mehra
+91 70744991117

Sunil Tatipelly
+91 9800116113