Even though the next milestone is scheduled for February 2016, we’re constantly working on the game play and we keep adding new features to improve your game experience. The latest game play update brings you several changes.

The bonus system turns into the spells system!

In order to have more variety among cards, and more strategic options for the player, we introduced the spells system. Instead of leaving a bonus at the end of the shot, each card now has a spell it can cast once per match. The spells vary a lot. A spell is activated by tapping on the character’s portrait at the bottom of the screen. A spell can, for example, destroy the nearest enemy, or heal oneself and allies.

Map of Askian replaces the chapter system


Instead of being organized into chapters, the levels are now located on the map of Askian. Levels are being unlocked one by one, as you progress through Askian.

You are rewarded with in-game currencies

Every time you destroy an enemy, you can get a certain amount of Elemental Crystals, one of the newly introduced in-game currencies. The total amount of Elemental Crystals for each level is defined in advance. When you win a level, you will be rewarded in Gold, which is another in-game currency.

Please note that the current system is just a foretaste, since the in-game currencies system will evolve a lot in the future, as well as the other game components.

Three-stages animation

Instead of reloading the three level stages every time, your characters will now hover over to the next stage, which is placed over the previous one.

Shaban and Olivier will explain and show you more!

Click on the image below to watch the video.