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KGI Financial announced today a strategic partnership with the Netcoin Foundation as well as Payservices LLC to develop a Mazacoin based debit card, Retail point of sale services, Payroll services and Native American owned event ticketing service....
Netcoin is coming in to help with programing and coding alongside Mazacoin as well as other potential areas where we can team up to develop services for tribal nations to use for future growth and development non and into the future

One of the biggest hurdles for mazacoin was usage on a daily basis, this plan will help usher in easy to use Maza debit card readers for the Native American retail sector. These Maza debit cards can be serviced through a planned Maza Payroll services entity this partnership will allow KGI Financial and it's tribal clients to take full advantage of the power of Maza as a Inter tribal reserve currency.

Along with this plan comes the development of a Native American owned Event ticketing service. Currently purchasing of event tickets on the reservation can be difficult without a debit card for events off the reservation. KGI Financial is planning the development of Mazatixx, Mazatixx have plans to become the premier ticketing solution for Native and non Native events, Concerts, shows, Pow wows, and even Hotel/Resort Booking.

KGI is excited to begin this new chapter in Inter tribal financial services and look forward to even more Maza/tribal based services in the near future

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