As of October 10, 2018, the Lawnmower app is no longer available. Learn more.

Invest in blockchain assets.

Lawnmower provides market research & investment tools for blockchain assets like Bitcoin & Ether.

The investment & data hub for blockchain assets.


Get your first exposure to the blockchain asset class with historical performance charts, real-time price quotes, market data, industry news, & exclusive research on top digital assets.


Open an investment account in less than 2 minutes. Buy or sell at any time with just a few taps, or set up Lawnmower to invest a fixed amount on a weekly or monthly basis.


Track your portfolio’s performance, compare it to familiar traditional benchmarks, & stay in the loop about emerging assets & market trends.

Real-time prices

The blockchain asset markets never sleep – our asset price data is updated real-time & 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and all quoted in USD.

performance Benchmarks

Gauge how your portfolio & trades have performed versus traditional assets & indexes like the S&P 500, Gold, & Oil and our own “Lawnmower Blockchain Index”.

account analytics

Simplified analytics on your performance over time are available free to all users, while premium users can request more advanced reports highlighting detailed trade data.

flexible trading

Easily set up fixed recurring purchases to "dollar-cost-average" over time, or buy and sell instantly. Trading amounts are flexible with minimums as low as $5.

Asset resources

Each of our blockchain asset pages features fundamental data including market caps, supply, historical prices, trading volume, key resources like technology whitepapers, and in-depth proprietary research.

industry News

In addition to our own content, we proudly feature top industry news in our app to help keep you up to date on developments in the space.