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Each year we invite leaders from financial services, VC investors, global techs and influencers to select The FinTech50 and it is very much their list. This year we have brought together experts from around the world to create an international panel.

Paris FinTech Forum 2020


The prestigious Paris FinTech Forum will be back January 28 & 29 2020 with their ambition unchanged: to be and stay the most exclusive digital finance & Fintech event in Europe - and worldwide. Reserve your place

We are experiencing an unprecedented global shift in demographics. Our society is aging; we are living longer, healthier, and more productive lives


The FinTech50 2020 is now open

The FinTech50 2020 is now open for those who would like to put their business forward. Discover how

The FinTech50 2019 Yearbook is now live.


View the digital version.






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2019: The Tipping Point? Our first insight report features fintech founders, investors and leaders on funding, collaboration & trust > View

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The FinTech50 2020 is now open on our new site: thefintech50.com

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