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Welcome to the DAO wiki!

On the right side you can find several "How-to's" to help you interact with and use any DAO built using the open source generic DAO framework. This is just an introduction, the full explanation and details can be found in the whitepaper:

Further information can also be found via [The DAOhub] (, it provides detail on the [Creation Process] (, [information about Proposals] ( and a range of other topics together with a [vibrant and active Forum] (

What you can find - what you can expect

This wiki aims to be the most comprehensive and accurate guide to the Standard DAO Framework:

  • complete
  • accurate
  • reliable

The knowledge has been carried together from various sources, namely the, the slack channels, subreddits and other. Because many people have contributed, its not in every case possible to determine the first or original source, so we will not credit anybody by name for a certain contribution.

This is work in progress. To give you a hint we will add a badge on pages which are still in heavy developement. Pages which are quality assured will also be marked with a badge.

  • Pages which are just a stub - feel free to make a start!: DAO Wiki - Stub
  • Pages which are in progress: DAO Wiki - In Progress
  • Pages which are reliable and quality assured: DAO Wiki - Reliable


All of this is provided in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

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