Crypto Currency Security Standard Auditor (CCSSA)

Who is a CryptoCurrency Security Standard Auditor?

A CryptoCurrency Security Standard Auditor is an expert in the CCSS. CCSSAs are able to apply the CCSS standard to any information system that uses cryptocurrencies, calculating a grade for the system according to the CCSS. This is a demo exam that illustrates how the final exam will work.

CCSSAs have professional working knowledge in all 33 aspects of the CryptoCurrency Security Standard (CCSS).

This CCSSA demo exam illustrates what the final CCSSA exam will look like when released later this year. 

The following careers would benefit from a CCSSA certification:

  • Information System Auditors
  • CyberSecurity Professionals
  • Blockchain Engineers
  • Software Engineers
  • Anyone who wants the formal ability to grade information systems against the CCSS

Exam Information

The exam includes 20 multiple-choice and true/false questions covering each of the 33 aspects of the CCSS

During the exam, you will be asked questions related to a real-world scenario. Please download CCSSA Exam Scenario A and review it before beginning this demo exam.

Download CCSSA Exam Scenario A

Keep the scenario handy. You may wish to print it to paper so it is easily accessible while you are writing the exam.