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British Chancellor George Osborne Buys Bitcoin

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British Chancellor George Osborne Buys Bitcoin

For Immediate Release

British Chancellor George Osborne Buys Bitcoin Today the U.K.’s Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osbourne, bought bitcoins for the first time from's Bitcoin ATM powered by Robocoin.

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London, England, August 5th 2014. British Chancellor George Osborne was the VIP guest at today's launch of Innovate Finance, previously FinTech UK, an industry body designed to champion Britain's finance and technology industry.

As the Cabinet Minister responsible for all economic and financial matters, Osbourne has the most powerful position in Government alongside the Prime Minister. Osbourne's receptive attitude to Bitcoin is another positive sign as the popular digital currency gains institutional acceptance. The inclusion of Bitcoin companies at this event is representative of the increasing interest in Bitcoin from the finance industry. Developments such as this help solidify the long-term stability and growth of Bitcoin. now has 5 Robocoin ATMs globally in London, Vancouver, Tokyo, Singapore and Bucharest which form part of a larger global network of over 40 Robocoin Bitcoin ATMs.’s Hugh Halford-Thompson was invited to the event to demonstrate the Bitcoin ATM to the Chancellor. The ATM courted a great deal of attention, with many people asking for demonstrations throughout the event. Halford-Thompson runs’s UK ATM and bitcoin brokerage out of an E-Cig Cafe - 'The Vape Lab' – at 232 Shoreditch High Street in London.

The Chancellor greeted Halford-Thompson’ demonstration of the machine with great enthusiasm, and made his first ever Bitcoin purchase. This wasn’t the first time Robocoin has made friends with influential politicians, having demonstrated for the U.S. Congress alongside Congressman Jared Polis in April, and the Italian Parliament alongside Parliament member Sergio Boccadutri in June.

Speaking after the event, Halford-Thompson remarked, “Today we witnessed another great step towards Bitcoin’s political and regulatory acceptance which will allow blockchain technology to thrive in the U.K. startup scene and beyond.”

About Cointrader Exchange Inc. is a leader in the digital currency exchange market. Thanks to Cointrader, and Robocoin, Vancouver now has the world’s first physical Bitcoin ATM, and four other ATMs throughout the world. Specifically, in London, Singapore, Bucharest, and Tokyo. Their UK headquarters are also based in London, and managed by Hugh Halford-Thompson who founded, and runs Cointrader’s Robocoin ATMs have revolutionized the way people buy and sell bitcoin, and helped increase awareness of Bitcoin globally. The “world’s first” story was picked up by every major news agency in the world, and was one of the factors leading to the explosive rise in bitcoin’s price last year. Cointrader Exchange has an optimistic future within the global digital currency exchange business given the current regulations and technical environment. As an organization that is poised for growth the company has met all significant milestones within a very short period of time, and continues to set ambitious goals for the future.

See Cointrader in: Forbes, Wired, Huffington Post, Washington Post

About Robocoin After launching the world’s first Bitcoin ATM in October 2013, Robocoin has continued making international headlines for being the first Bitcoin ATM to launch in the United States, expanding intercontinentally, presenting for the U.S. Congress, and integrating features that target global banking and remittance markets (store, deposit, withdraw, and send bitcoins worldwide to any phone #, email address, or bitcoin address). Robocoin now has the largest Bitcoin ATM network in the world and spans North America, Asia, Europe and Australia. With a combination of patent pending hardware, software, and reporting tools, Robocoin has emerged as Bitcoin's leader in Anti-Money Laundering and Consumer Protection. Security features include Phone #, PIN #, and palm-vein validation, which secure customer accounts against theft and fraud. The advanced security features are compliant with the strictest anti-money laundering regulations. Info is encrypted when collected, transmitted, and stored, never gets shared with 3rd parties and never gets stored on the machines.

Download Robocoin Press Images Interview requests: Sam Glaser (c) (541) 915-1566 Growth @Robocoin Robocoin Demo | Robocoin Presents to Members of Congress See Robocoin in: WSJ, CNN, Bloomberg, CNBC, Time, Forbes, Wired, Washington Post, Huffington Post, NY Times, ABC, Reuters, Techcrunch, Nasdaq, Entrepreneur, Business Week, Mashable, Venturebeat

-- Hugh Halford-Thompson 07789231917

Co-Founder Quickbitcoin

Head of UK Operations at Cointrader - bitcoin exchange and brokerage

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