They turn the page, you earn money.


They listen to tunes, you earn money.


They stream videos, you earn money.

Smoogs is a micropayment solution for digital content creators.

Our media players have a built-in micropayment system which lets customers pay while they stream content. We took a hard look at the barriers standing between awesome content and potential paying customers, and broke them down. Now, creators can engage a wider audience.

What makes us special?

Content Creators

  • Be part of an ecosystem which promotes creativity and quality
  • Use the dashboard to get analytics on your content
  • A new revenue stream is finally feasible
  • Simply embed your content using our media players and reach out to anyone, anywhere

Content Consumers

  • Ad free!
  • Get content from any seller in the Smoogs ecosystem with a single account
  • No sign-up or bank accounts required
  • Pay only for what you consume, no long-term commitments
Selected in Cohort 2016

Something For Everyone


  • Charge by the hour, minute or second
  • Get minute by minute analysis of your video content


  • Charge by the chapter, page or paragraph
  • Get page by page analysis of your book


  • Charge by the song, minute or second
  • Get paid while listeners stream your concert live

Your Audience

  • Read the whole book or only your favourite part of the book
  • Create playlists of your favourite songs with no ad interruptions
  • Pay only for what you watch, no need to buy the whole video upfront

Our Beta Partners

Our demos use bitcoin as a form of payment. You can refund unused bitcoin any time you want.

Need more help? Check out our detailed step by step tutorial here OR email us - demo@smoogs.io

How to Smoogie?

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We've got a cool new player which embeds quickly to your site.
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Make money

We offer an alternative to anything else out there,
so you can diversify and earn more!