About Yope and our projects

Our team

We're a collective of developers based in Berlin, brought together by our shared enthusiasm for blockchain. We're based in Berlin, where we work from the Transistor blockchain co-working space


Our blockchain-focused proof of ownership register for bicycles, SafeBike, is one of the finalists in the NexusLab virtual blockchain accelerator, and provides a solution to the global problem of bicycle theft.

The Yope! careers networking API

The decentralised Career Networking API is a RESTful API to register job skills, education and work experience of candidates as smart contracts, into the Ethereum blockchain. Supported by Wanxiang Blockchain Labs.

The Yope! open-source payment API

Easily monetise your game or app! Our RESTful API is integrated with the Bitcoin blockchain and can be used for any solution, from in-game micropayments to more substantial transactions.