Blockchain technology has the potential to disrupt and transform several industries -- bringing big changes to the competitive landscape. Many have heard of blockchain technology, but have yet to understand the core concepts behind it and the opportunities it provides. Our leaders are seasoned blockchain specialists, offering their expertise to help you understand this revolutionary, cutting edge technology.


BTL provides blockchain expertise to help you discover the possibilities with blockchain technology. We help you understand the core concepts, its relevance to your industry, and the ways it can improve and benefit your business.

  • Discover the possibilities with blockchain technology
  • Professional advice and strategy formulation on how blockchain technology can be implemented into your business


BTL holds monthly events and seminars, educating industry leaders on blockchain technology. We strive to bridge the gap between the blockchain space, and companies seeking to learn how this technology can add value to their business. If you’re interested in holding a workshop for your company, please get in touch.

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  • Bring leaders within your organization to a common level of understanding to fully appreciate the opportunities with blockchain technology
  • Monthly seminars and half-day workshops


If you're interested in implementing blockchain technology, but don’t know where to begin, allow us to develop a proof of concept. This involves extensive research and review on our part to determine a project's feasibility, how systems can be integrated to meet your objectives, technology selection, development cost, as well as potential challenges and how such challenges can be addressed.

  • We do extensive research to determine feasibility
  • Advice on technology selection and system integration
  • POC submitted as a single package to concerned parties