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Hello everyone, ShapeShift's policy is two-fold:

1) ShapeShift requests as little information as possible in order to enable blockchain asset exchange. Personal private information is not needed to exchange blockchain assets, so we don't ask for it.

2) All the information we do have, as a platform, we make transparent. We do not obscure any information. Transaction details like input coin, amount, output coin, etc. are all transparent on ShapeShift. Indeed, we even publish it on our homepage and make it available via the API.

Since ShapeShift does not obscure information, it would be a horrible idea to use it as a mixer or similar. We state this in our Terms of Service. Further, we will always cooperate with reasonable requests for this information (from law enforcement or private investigation, we make no distinction).

With this policy, ShapeShift is simultaneously the least invasive exchange, as well as the most transparent. We neither expose users, nor hide them.

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I honestly did not expect this "it's not our problem, we don't care" type of mistalking from ShapeShift. Sorry for the public witchhunt, but if Coinbase would have been doing this, nobody would care. You should be happy about this, it happens because the expectations are much higher towards your company, since you seem to be a decent one that respects the privacy of their customers. Please don't abandon this attitude now.

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"it's not our problem, we don't care"

This is not our policy at all. We care deeply about these issues. Did you read our two policy guidelines above?

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What made you release info in this particular case? (Hopefully merely saying DAO attacker is not enough to make you release info). Remember the reddit witch hunt that happened when the Boston Attacks occured. Reddit "detectives" found a person and doxxed him and it went to the front page, and it turned out he was not the bomber. GJ Reddit. This is why respecting privacy is important and why companies should be careful before releasing info and only do it to proffesionals/law enforcement tbh.

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You are missing the point, the information is already public. Even if it were not and shapeshift did not release information both BTC & ETH are public ledgers so you could do timing & amount correlation (i.e just look at BTC sent to shapeshift just before the Eth account was funded) to determine where the funds came from (it is about 10 minutes of work on the chain explorers).

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I agree with you, this seems like some odd witch hunt against ShapeShift over a transaction ID, which is already public.... on the blockchain :/

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This is why respecting privacy is important and why companies should be careful before releasing info

NO, this is why companies should never collect the info in the first place!!!!!!!

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The nature of being a company, in any jurisdiction in the world today, subjects the company to jurisdictional authority in many ways. And with international agreements, as well as with hegemonic behavior by the Europeans and the US, even perceived-to-be less-intrusive jurisdictions are not really so. Moreover, GCHQ and NSA have scads of public information even in violation of British and US law.

So the Shapeshift policy is all you can get from a COMPANY. They don't collect unnecessary info. They cannot, then, be forced by court order, police agency action, or spying divulge such info. But the public info left by all blockchain transactions is, of course, public. (and already no doubt already flying around the servers of the French, German, Brit and American governments).