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Company Updates | August 10, 2016
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Immutable Stock Market Data Is Now Available To the World

Factom & DataYes are pleased to announce that together they have published onto the Factom blockchain pricing data for the 3,000 most valuable Chinese stocks. Program developers now have a powerful new tool for connecting their financial applications to the new world of blockchain technology.

This massive dataset of more than 10,000,000 records and growing, offers an amazing way for applications to verify and audit the world’s financial systems with more transparency and confidence than ever before.

“Some of the largest stock markets and the most valuable companies in the world are in China and so we believe it’s important to make their pricing data available to developers on a blockchain.” Said David Johnston, Chairman of the Board at Factom

“Today the exchanges send out the ‘mark to market’ price and we record them in blockchain as a two-step process. As Blockchain technology matures in the future, all transactions will be recorded on the blockchain, and the “mark to market” stock price as we know today will be evolved to ‘mark to blockchain’ naturally in one step.” Continued George Hu, General Manager at DataYes.

You can see the growing number of entries for DataYes the below chart.



About DataYes

DataYes is China’s first open and big data information platform, curating both structured and unstructured data from across the globe covering key economic metrics as well as industry, company, e-commerce, search and social media data. It is a treasure box full of raw materials for artificial intelligence and quantitative investment research. DataYes is China’s leading edge financial technology company founded by a group of experts in the fields of finance and internet technology. It is invested by Wanxiang Group, one of China’s largest non-state-owned conglomerate. DataYes’ headquarter is located in Shanghai Lujiazui Financial and Trade Zone, and has an office in Silicon Valley. For more information on DataYes, visit

About Factom Inc
Factom Inc. is at the forefront of the blockchain revolution. Governments and corporations will find Factom to be a relevant solution to many pressing data security problems. The Factom data layer integrates into existing systems and makes them immutable, extending the transparency inherent within a blockchain, validated by math. Governments and corporations can now create a new level of trust and transparency with real-world implications. For more information on Factom, visit us at

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