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EXPANSE NEWSLETTER Vo. 1, No.13 – 11/1/2016  Election Night and Choosing Expanse


Welcome to the thirteenth edition of the Expanse Newsletter! This publication is a bi-monthly Newsletter issued on the 1st and 15th of each month to share the news with our community.  Keep in mind that breaking news can come at any time, but the Expanse Newsletter is a great overview of progress, news, and our current focus.


Election night is coming soon for the USA, so now is a great time to talk about the advantages of voting using the Blockchain of Expanse. Even better, this makes for a great time to vote on the Expanse Blockchain yourself with our new Expanse decentralized voting application. While there is no identity system attached to this yet, and this is a tech demonstration rather than actual voting, this Dapp can still show how easy, accurate, and tamper-proof future voting on the Blockchain could be - unlike systems being used today.

The current voting systems people use are archaic and have absurdities like “hanging chads,” people-counting and recounting, all leading to an only somewhat accurate result at best. These methods assume nothing was rigged and no cheats happened, which is always uncertain using outdated methods of voting. These methods are also time-consuming and a barrier to entry for many people, keeping turnout low and the odds of positive change or improvement unlikely.

Technology like Expanse Borderless voting systems offers a solution: voting on an immutable blockchain that stores the votes forever, tamper proof, all around the world. With a true identity system later attached, this is a nearly perfect voting system. One person, one vote, everyone can vote easily. If anyone ever could cheat with it, that cheat would also be recorded on the Blockchain to ferret out later. This is simply a situation where the potential of Expanse and Borderless are totally superior to any previous centralized systems for voting.

So, how would the world vote for the U.S. presidential elections? Do you want to cast your vote on the Blockchain now? Go ahead, it is safe, easy, and has zero risk. Currently, it is also anonymous, as this is a tech demonstration without the identity system, although in the future identity systems could have everything from total anonymity to the true identity on the blockchain, in whatever manner desired.

Disclaimer: Keep in mind this is for polling on the blockchain of Expanse and not for actual voting in the U.S. presidential election. The results of this poll have no outcome in the actual elections.

Vote on the Expanse Blockchain - http://polls.borderless.tech

Watch the Voting Application Video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4fZJTVp9lqQ&feature=youtu.be



Going along with the Election theme, we thought it would be fun to share some reasons why people should consider choosing Expanse!

Dedicated Team of Veterans - Expanse has a team of highly experienced veterans in the world of cryptocurrency that has worked for years in the industry. This gives Expanse a huge advantage as the team has already spent years dealing with various challenges, and they are ready for anything that may come based on past experience.

Forward Thinking - Expanse is based on Ethereum, but early on Expanse recognized the need for a few modifications all of which eventually ended up in Ethereum or recommended to Ethereum by other industry leaders. Expanse diffused the difficulty bomb, removed the canaries, stuck with immutable code and increased the block time to promote more efficient mining and better block propagation. Expanse also has a lower rate of inflation as well as made our difficulty retargeting more reactive.

Valuable by Design - The Expanse Token is used for far more than just trading Expanse, it is also the token for the Expanse DAO, rather than having a new token for the DAO, and EXP is how voting power is accumulated later and how staking will be done once Expanse is Hybrid Proof of Work and Proof of Stake. The value of the Expanse token is that it will be used for a variety of assets and means of generating income for holders, far more than most platforms.

Low Price and High Potential - Trading cryptocurrency is always high risk, but with the recent BTC rally, the price of Expanse has dropped quite a bit making for potentially a great buying opportunity. During the last Bitcoin rally, Expanse dropped to around 32k in price but later rose up to 122k after Bitcoin went back to normal. There is no guarantee this will happen again with that much of a recovery later, or higher, but it certainly could. Not to mention the relatively low overall market cap compared to some projects, leaving lots of room to grow.

High Visibility - Christopher Franko is very well known in the world of Blockchain, and has many connections and followers. The other co-founders James Clayton also founded the Cryptocurrency Collectors Club with over 7300 members, and Dan Conway has many friends and connections in the world of cryptocurrency and media. The core team alone will make sure that Expanse always has visibility, to cryptocurrency speculators and traders in particular. Not to mention all the other talented people on the Expanse team that will help Expanse get noticed.

Always Improving - We are humble and just believe in the best ideas. If someone has a better idea or a better way to do something, that is someone we will listen to. You can check back over time, and you can clearly see Expanse is always improving. Branding, visuals, presentations, code, documentation, team. Every way that Expanse can get better, we do, that is our goal. We are still small and there is room for improvement, but we are growing and getting technically better all the time.

True Believers that are Pragmatic - Unlike some, we actually believe in what we are doing and this is all entirely real and possible for us, we believe in Blockchain, we have the skills, and everything we design we are thinking about the long run, of how it can be used, what works best for Blockchain, and what is just hype and a waste of our time. At Expanse we focus our resources on the best uses and tech for Blockchain, and the most practical applications and means of reaching various target audiences.



10/18/2016 Expanse.tech website replaced with a new website to update overall branding.


10/15/2016 Litebit.eu has added Expanse, allowing purchase directly with Euros!


10/1/2016 Expanse is added to Coinpayments.com


10/1/2016 Expanse Partners with Chankura and Geopay.


10/1/2016 Expanse announces key additions to the team, greatly enhancing marketing and adaptability.

9/27/2016 Gav Wood of Ethereum has assisted Expanse with Parity into Ethcore.

9/16/2016 An article in Le-coin-coin related to technical analysis, this is in French.


8/12/2016 Borderless website updated and improved.


8/1/2016 Cryptopia added Expanse to their trusted and well known exchange.


8/01/2016 Changelly Partnership announced, and Changelly added Expanse to the new Shapeshift competitor Instant exchange site.


7/13/2016 Danny Sessoms interviews Christopher Franko about Expanse and Borderless. Danny always keeps it entertaining and informative so make sure and check out the interview.





Microsoft Azure


Microsoft Bizspark Plus


Payu Vane and Maza Lakota via Borderless Technology

Changelly - The New Shapeshift Competitor


Chankura and Geopay of Africa



Current features include Marriages, Status updates, Web Of Trust, Notary, Citizenship, and many more features on the way soon!







Expanse official DAO reserve is still at 10 million and in cold storage, untouched. This will not be used at all until the DAO is implemented, and then by design only a small amount at a time can be voted to fund various elements of development. The team reserve is at 241,083 and is planned to be used to fund development until the Expanse DAO is live in the next few months.  

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