Connect to people, not platforms.

Individual-centric data exchange to enable a world where individuals have complete control over & are empowered to own their life data. YouBase was built to take us there.

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Elements of YouBase

YouBase combines blockchain compatible technologies which together deliver a secure and flexible container for data that is independent of any one single entity.


As a custodian, you get access to population data of profile information you host, and the security of having control.


Data wallets allow users to access, store and share structured data as they like


Profiles allow granular control of how users share their data and custodians the opportunity to host data critical to them. decentralizes sensitive consumer and personal information, while creating a single source of anonymous population data.


  • Authentication

    Instant and compliant authentication of consumers and patients. Secure user IDs without identity exposure.

  • Security

    A secure and immutable record of health and other personal data.

  • More data, better data

    Instant query of rich, historical, real-time and forecasted human data

  • Savings

    Reduces costs drastically and immediately, removing 3rd party operators


How can we unlock the potential personal data has while balancing privacy? leverages distributed ledger-compatible technologies to anonymously authenticate users, produce globally comparative human-data and drastically reduce operating cost.


It's the number of individual records exposed after 106 major healthcare data breaches attributed to hackers in 2016


Personalized Medicine Market Worth $149+ Billion by 2020


YouBase estimates can save up to 80% over creating a traditional API to access user data.


With we have been able to ease the way patients securely share their health information.

James Bateman, CEO