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Had a bad experience with my apartment, the Marquis at Pin Oak in Houston, TX and I'd like to enact a little revenge.

Will hire to post (and keep) a negative review on google maps for my apartment complex including one or more of the following complaints (with your own flair of course):

  1. Apartment complex told everyone to move bicycles from apartments to a community bicycle rack and aggressively enforced it by threatening fines; then everyone's bicycles got stolen from said rack.

  2. Very high utility bills - hundreds of dollars to cool an apartment in the summer

  3. Flooding in parking lot every time it rains. Not enough parking spots.

  4. Fired the only good security guard (Kathy), and replaced her with security guards that may as well be mannequins.

  5. When up for renewal, the manager (Grey)'s response to you pointing out that identical apartments were available for cheaper was "Lots of people move in and out. Take it or leave it"

  6. Pool was so often closed and unavailable.

  7. or, some other complaint that doesn't involve maintenance (because maintenance was actually quite good and responsive and I don't want them thrown under the bus on this).

along with this specific complaint mentioned somewhere (again, with your own flair):

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I am offering my skills and experience in niche blogging to teach you, one on one, how to identify profitable niches and build blogs that generate passive income.

The entire training process will include four two hour training sessions with flexible scheduling. Training will be done using Discord.

Training Overview

1- Identifying Profitable Niches and Keyword Research

2- Content Strategy and Monetization

3- Building Websites with WordPress

4- SEO, Traffic Generation, and Link Building

5- Site Scaling and Management

To get started please message me your name, email and desired schedule date and time. Costs are $15 per hour and $25 Registration fee. To get the first session scheduled is $55 then $30 for each remaining session.


Acorns is an automatic investment app. To be able to get this offer, you need to create an account using my link then you will need to deposit only $5 in your account and send me a screenshot for verification. You have to leave $5 in until april 16th.

Process for the offer:

Comment below or pm.

I will send you a referral link to download and set up your account

Link your bank account to the acorns app

Click on “Invest for your future” and make a “One time” deposit of at least $5

Send me a screenshot of the pending deposit

You’ll get $5 from the app after 2-3 business days

Keep $5 in until april 16th so I qualify for acorns promotion

All of my referrals will receive payment once acorn confirms I qualify for their promotion.


The little bonus these companies offer were alright back before the entire world wasn't on house arrest thanks to the coronavirus but now that people are having such a hard time making money, they just might help you out. As of right now, i've got something like 20 of them and for every one you do, as soon as i see confirmation on my end i will send you $1 in bitcoin. The majority of these are also free, and the ones that aren't will have an asterisk with the price next to them. If you're interested, put in a $bid so its easier to keep track of. Then just inbox me and let me know if youre available for any of these and we'll get started.

Webull **$0.01 deposit. A penny.

Enjeo **costs $1 but you make $21

Moomoo ** free

Robinhood **free

Voyager **$100 deposit but you make $25 and can withdraw deposit

Acorns **$5 deposit but you'll make $5

Stash ** $5 depost but you'll make $20

Dosh *free, just link a card

Fetch Rewards **free just scan a receipt


I have been writing content that is engaging for audiences and aimed at converting traffic into leads and buyers. If your needing content for your website let's discuss your project.

I am most skilled in the programming, technical, business, and gaming market segments. I have reasonable rates and fast turnaround times.

I have samples of my published work that I will be happy to send you links to review. Message me to discuss getting your writing work completed

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It's simple - you give me the photos and I edit them in Lightroom according to your preferences. I have a lot of experience with different photo editing programmes (Photoshop, Lightroom, etc). DM me the offer and I will take a look.

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With everything going on, I've been putting off making a legitimate advert for my services and thought it time to finally get back out there and find some new clients and what better place to look than good ol' Reddit. I am a Virtual Assistant. Basically, I am someone familiar and proficient enough with technology, businesss, and what goes on behind the scenes in a way that's mutually beneficial to not only me, but to your company. It's easier to just list off some of the things I can do so those of you who see something you need can just send me a pm and we'll take it from there.

-Data Entry

-Clerical work

-Website maintenance and management

-Social Media management(Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, IG, etc)

-Email organization and management

-Calendar service

-Moderation of your online communities



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