Evolve with Quorum.

The proven blockchain solution for business.

We’ve created a trusted technology suite that puts blockchain to work for your business.

Based on Ethereum, Quorum is an open source blockchain platform that combines the innovation of the public Ethereum community with enhancements to support enterprise needs.

Our mission is to make adopting blockchain a seamless process. We’re not just a platform - we provide full-service support.

Unlock value for your business with Quorum.

Made for business

We’ve added privacy, strong permissions and high performance to Ethereum’s robust core. And as Ethereum and blockchain mature, so does Quorum.


We provide consensus algorithm choices, privacy options and deployment configurations in one versatile, scalable platform, so you can solve your business needs exactly as you see fit.

End-to-end solution

Use Quorum in production with the confidence that our core developers are on-hand to support you with professional, enterprise-grade service.  

We’re powered by strong partnerships.

“We are incredibly proud of Quorum's success, as organizations around the world use it to solve complex business and societal problems. We are delighted to partner with Microsoft as we expand capabilities and services on the platform. Azure will bring unique benefits to enterprise clients using Quorum.”

- Umar Farooq, Global Head of Blockchain, J.P. Morgan

“We’re thrilled to partner with a leader like J.P. Morgan to establish a foundation on which enterprises and partners can rapidly build and scale blockchain networks. Together, we’re taking a truly transformative technology like Quorum and making it available through the Azure platform to accelerate innovation for our customers.”

- Peggy Johnson, Executive Vice President of Business Development, Microsoft

Our leadership.

Oli Harris
Head of Quorum

Oli is responsible for the overall strategy and execution of Quorum. Previously, as Head of FinTech and InResidence, he established the program that fostered on-going collaborations between J.P. Morgan’s digital strategy and emerging technology startups to solve industry-wide problems.

Samer Falah
Head of Engineering

Samer is one of the original architects of Quorum, from when it was first conceptualized and incubated within the New Product Development Group at J.P. Morgan. Samer led the decision to open source Quorum and has been one of the strongest evangelists for practical applications of blockchain.

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