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Real Property

Real Property

All land in Sweden is divided into properties. Lantmäteriet's task is to ensure an effective and legally secure division of real property, as well as to keep track of the composition of the properties, who the owners are and in which banks the mortgages are taken out.

Real property is ground; this is divided into properties. This means that a real property is primarily one or more demarcated areas on the land. Nowadays, a real property can be three-dimensional and contain, for example, a condominium or an underground garage.

All land in Sweden is divided into properties and each has a specific designation within the municipality - name and number - for example, Berga 1:8 in Lyckeby municipality.  A real property is demarcated by property boundaries that are marked on the ground and depicted in a map. The real property includes buildings, power lines, fencing and other facilities placed in or above the ground for permanent use. These are real property accessories in a legal sense.

The number of properties is currently increasing by about 20,000 per year. To establish a new real property, certain rules must be satisfied. These are found in the Real Property Formation Act.

Through a cadastral procedure, real property division can be changed. It may involve the new formation or modification of properties and rights - sometimes to clarify where property boundaries lie. If the owners of several properties need to work together regarding a common need, this can also be solved through a cadastral procedure.

Lantmäteriet's real property register contains 3.2 million objects and consists of information about Sweden’s properties, for example, tax assessment values and title deeds. This information is fundamental for society and the market economy.

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The property includes normal building, management, fencing and other equipment placed in or above ground "for permanent use" as it says in the law Land Code. That which belongs to the property called the property accessories.

The number of properties will increase by approximately 13,000 per year. To get to form a new, or modify the contents of a property, certain rules must be met under Real Property Act, FBL .

Through a land survey can land units change. It may be to regenerate or modify the properties and rights. Or to find solutions so that owners of multiple properties needs to unite around common needs.

Lantmäteriets land register contains information about the Swedish real estate. There is information that is essential to society and market economy.

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