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An alternative full node bitcoin implementation written in Go (golang)
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btcjson Implement 'getblockstats' JSON-RPC command Mar 25, 2020
chaincfg chaincfg: update testnet checkpoints Apr 17, 2019
cmd cmd/btcctl: use regexp.MustCompile for constant patterns Mar 26, 2020
connmgr BUG:dynamicbanscore deadlock Mar 9, 2020
database fix comment of database.Tx to match code Mar 4, 2020
docs Add note about using gencerts when listening on specific interfaces Mar 4, 2020
integration btcjson+rpcclient: support new unified softfork bitcoind format Nov 6, 2019
limits Relicense to the btcsuite developers. May 1, 2015
mempool Fix minRelayTxFee name in comment Mar 3, 2020
mining multi: Rework utxoset/view to use outpoints. May 27, 2018
netsync netsync/manager: add syncPeer stall detector Apr 27, 2019
peer peer: fix small typo Mar 4, 2020
release release: add missing back tick in build docs Mar 4, 2020
rpcclient Try both TX serialization formats Mar 27, 2020
txscript fix error message Mar 5, 2020
wire wire: only write message payload if there actually is one Aug 20, 2019
.gitignore build: Convert project to use glide. (#689) May 6, 2016
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CHANGES multi: correct all import paths May 23, 2018
LICENSE txscript: Significantly improve errors. Jan 12, 2017 release: add new release script and documentation Oct 10, 2019
btcd.go btcd: pass user agent black and white lists to server Apr 17, 2019
config.go mempool: implement RBF signaling policy Jun 13, 2019
config_test.go Reconcile differences between btcd/dcrd. Oct 21, 2016
doc.go CBFilter -> CFilter, discussed with davec@ May 23, 2018
go.mod build: use go 1.13.x in travis Sep 26, 2019
go.sum build: update to latest version of btcutil Apr 26, 2019 goclean: update for go modules Nov 30, 2018
log.go log: update to latest log rotator API May 23, 2018
params.go Change copyright date for code that was updated this year(2016). Jan 7, 2016
rpcadapters.go multi: correct all import paths May 23, 2018
rpcserver.go Refactor FutureGetBlockVerboseResult into two types: FutureGetBlockVe… Mar 5, 2020
rpcserverhelp.go All tests pass Mar 5, 2020
rpcserverhelp_test.go Relicense to the btcsuite developers. May 1, 2015
rpcwebsocket.go rpc: fix rescan bug if client disconnects Jul 8, 2019
sample-btcd.conf sampleconfig: Remove floating grave accent Sep 27, 2018
server.go server: Fix incorrect log message format Mar 5, 2020
service_windows.go multi: Simplify code per gosimple linter. Nov 3, 2016
signal.go btcd: Simplify shutdown signal handling logic. (#733) Aug 11, 2016
signalsigterm.go btcd: Simplify shutdown signal handling logic. (#733) Aug 11, 2016
upgrade.go multi: Simplify code per gosimple linter. Nov 3, 2016
upnp.go btcd: remove commented-out code Sep 26, 2019
version.go btcd: bump version to v0.20.1-beta Nov 13, 2019


Build Status ISC License GoDoc

btcd is an alternative full node bitcoin implementation written in Go (golang).

This project is currently under active development and is in a Beta state. It is extremely stable and has been in production use since October 2013.

It properly downloads, validates, and serves the block chain using the exact rules (including consensus bugs) for block acceptance as Bitcoin Core. We have taken great care to avoid btcd causing a fork to the block chain. It includes a full block validation testing framework which contains all of the 'official' block acceptance tests (and some additional ones) that is run on every pull request to help ensure it properly follows consensus. Also, it passes all of the JSON test data in the Bitcoin Core code.

It also properly relays newly mined blocks, maintains a transaction pool, and relays individual transactions that have not yet made it into a block. It ensures all individual transactions admitted to the pool follow the rules required by the block chain and also includes more strict checks which filter transactions based on miner requirements ("standard" transactions).

One key difference between btcd and Bitcoin Core is that btcd does NOT include wallet functionality and this was a very intentional design decision. See the blog entry here for more details. This means you can't actually make or receive payments directly with btcd. That functionality is provided by the btcwallet and Paymetheus (Windows-only) projects which are both under active development.


Go 1.12 or newer.


Windows - MSI Available

Linux/BSD/MacOSX/POSIX - Build from Source

  • Install Go according to the installation instructions here:

  • Ensure Go was installed properly and is a supported version:

$ go version

NOTE: The GOROOT and GOPATH above must not be the same path. It is recommended that GOPATH is set to a directory in your home directory such as ~/goprojects to avoid write permission issues. It is also recommended to add $GOPATH/bin to your PATH at this point.

  • Run the following commands to obtain btcd, all dependencies, and install it:
$ cd $GOPATH/src/
$ GO111MODULE=on go install -v . ./cmd/...
  • btcd (and utilities) will now be installed in $GOPATH/bin. If you did not already add the bin directory to your system path during Go installation, we recommend you do so now.



Install a newer MSI

Linux/BSD/MacOSX/POSIX - Build from Source

  • Run the following commands to update btcd, all dependencies, and install it:
$ cd $GOPATH/src/
$ git pull
$ GO111MODULE=on go install -v . ./cmd/...

Getting Started

btcd has several configuration options available to tweak how it runs, but all of the basic operations described in the intro section work with zero configuration.

Windows (Installed from MSI)

Launch btcd from your Start menu.


$ ./btcd


  • channel #btcd
  • webchat

Issue Tracker

The integrated github issue tracker is used for this project.


The documentation is a work-in-progress. It is located in the docs folder.

Release Verification

Please see our documentation on the current build/verification process for all our releases for information on how to verify the integrity of published releases using our reproducible build system.


btcd is licensed under the copyfree ISC License.

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