Make music. Get paid.
Own your business.

Artist-first tools designed to help you pay your team, distribute your music, and create more freely.


Distribute your music

Stem Music Distribution

Go live with your music on major platforms in as few as 5 business days.

Automate your splits

Stem Direct automated payments

Guarantee seamless, timely payments for each collaborator.

Own your business

With Stem Direct, you own your business.

Track your data clearly on a centralized dashboard.

Get paid monthly

Get paid monthly with Stem Direct

Set up secure direct deposit on the same day each month.

Your job is to create. Ours is to make sure you get paid.

Our platform puts the power where it belongs: with the artist. As a Stem Direct member, your team gets the data, support, and transparency you need to make the right moves, build your bottom line, and stay in control.

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