Today is the last day of the Chinese Lunar Calendar. 20% of the world’s population will celebrate a traditional family reunion dinner for the next twenty four hours around the globe to usher in the Chinese New Year. In the days of yore, and even today, Chinese will make prayers and offerings to the gods of heaven and earth. Often this is followed with great wishes of health, prosperity, happiness, and good tidings. For a civilisation that has spanned more than four thousand years of evolution, there is much to talk about, but I shan’t go into it here.

Instead today, I would like to make a special announcement, from a serendipity of events and a moment of rest for me to pen together a short closing message for the lunar year. The Foundation Ltd. was finally set up in December. However, we had to put the constitution and by-laws of the foundation in place. This took quite some time from our busy schedule of meeting the growing interest in the NEM blockchain technology. An earlier announcement of the intentions of the foundation had been put forth here. As such, I shall not delve into it. The by-laws are still in its final stages of completion and we hope to complete that by the end of February, so that we can start to be fully operationalised by March.

In the meantime, the Foundation has been formally recognised by an agency in the Prime Minister’s department in Malaysia as a high impact technology project. The secretariat of the Foundation shall be housed in their premises for the next couple of years. The premises shall have a lecture theatre, function rooms and conference rooms where we are free to use them to promote our activities. Additionally, we shall soon be setting up a host of servers to help in the development of our services, tests, and applications.

Sometime later in the year, we hope to get our blockchain solution officially tested and certified in accordance to the International Standards Organisation and hopefully, be the first blockchain to do so. is also going to be represented in the ISO standards committee in Malaysia, one of the 16 countries in the world who has a seat in the formulation of the ISO standard for Blockchain. We hope to be represented in Japan as well as in Europe. This will make the NEM blockchain a strong case as a standard.

Despite the seemingly uneventful happenings in the NEM community space, we have been working hard everyday. Previously, I have mentioned that NEM is not a typical crypto project. It is a blockchain technology project with a Blue Ocean strategy approach. The intent is to hit the mainstream. Hence, it would be hard for the NEM crypto community to know what is actually happening. The reason being that these mainstream companies and entities would not like their projects to be announced without being firmed up to use our technology.

NEM has been pretty active in East Asia, particularly in Japan, Malaysia, Korea and China. Together, we have generated more than a few hundred enquiries on our technology. We have interests ranging from central banks (digital fiat currency issuance), financial institutions, share registry and trading, national ID projects, KYC, logistics, IoTs, Robotics, Carbon Credit project (biggest land bank of forest reserve in the world), medical industry, games development, and a host of other industries. I must say that this is most encouraging and our Blue Ocean strategy appears to be working quite well. Just now, we are also beginning to gain traction in Europe with some interests coming from there too. The amount of interest seems to suggest that we are way ahead of many of the competition in the crypto space, especially for mainstream applications. I am confident that we should hit some big projects this year. Our project is multi-prong in its use and therefore cover a wide spectrum of industries.

As the first President of the Foundation, I hope to lead our NEM blockchain project into a year of reckoning for 2017. Special thanks to the rest of the team at the core and foundation who have been working tirelessly to put great things together! With their continued commitment, I am confident we will set some record this year.

Finally, may I take this opportunity to wish all the Chinese and East Asian communities here a Happy New Lunar Year.