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{"id": 0, "method": "mining.multi_version", "params": ["0x00000004", "0x04000004","0x08000004","0x0C000004"]}

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What's this?

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That's the stratum command the S7 uses with pools that support it to enable AsicBoost.

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like what pools?

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Only antpool.com.

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.... it's faster?

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Here is the AsicBoost website:


It actually says 'patent-pending'.

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.... it's patented!

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In China?

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Dark web drug moneys now patented, oh noez

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is this the fastest rig ?

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Can anyone explain AsicBoost Be why having it is a problem?

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It's patent-pending.

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    How so? The number of ASIC manufacturers is tiny, the costs to enter the baker are already huge, and ASICBoost is available for anyone to license. What's the major problem here?

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    Wasn't there talk of censoring miners due to the fact that this technology is patented?

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    Disabling it in general to level the field for everyone maybe. Not censoring any specific miners afaik.

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    So what?

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    It is all part of the corexit, this is how they hardfork, ENDDDD TERMANAOTRRRR!!