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Messari - DeFi Can Continue to Grow as ‘Useless’ Top 30 Coins Wither

Press Release

XSigma Corporation Targets Seamless User Experience with New DeFi Protocol  

Reading Time: 2 minutes by on December 2, 2020 Press Releases
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XSigma Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of the multinational ZK International Group (NASDAQ:ZKIN), is in the early stages of launching a new decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol that could revolutionize the value proposition of open finance.

DeFi has quickly emerged as the fastest growing blockchain industry of 2020. Its remarkable growth story is expected to continue over the next five years as more users opt out of centralized finance for more affordable banking, payment and lending solutions. As of November, there is more than $14 billion in total value locked into DeFi contracts. Decentralized exchanges, or DEXES, are one of the biggest components of this massive ecosystem. Meanwhile, the market for stablecoins alone is worth a staggering $24 billion. All this, and decentralized finance hasn’t even scratched the surface of mainstream adoption.

Despite this enormous potential, DeFi protocols are notoriously difficult to use, even for seasoned investors with extensive experience on digital platforms. DeFi is plagued with embarrassing issues that, if not addressed, will surely prevent widescale adoption. A faulty user experience, stuck transactions, pooling issues and impermanent loss are just some of the pain-points that frustrate DeFi users on a daily basis. And we haven’t even begun to talk about volatility-induced pricing error or the utter lack of insurance on loans. These issues may be tolerable to DeFI die-hards, but for the average user, they are a non-starter.

Against this backdrop, xSigma Corporation is launching a new stablecoin exchange to solve the myriad issues plaguing automated market makers. The xSigma DEX has been designed specifically with the end user in mind. Its sole focus is to provide an intuitive, seamless and nearly flawless user experience—without giving up any of the sophisticated features that make existing DeFi protocols so attractive.

Unlike existing DeFi platforms, the xSigma DEX was developed with the support of our parent company, a NASDAQ-listed tech giant with extensive experience in designing trading architecture.

XSigma’s DeFi journey only begins with the launch of a decentralized stablecoin exchange. The multiyear project roadmap includes several key milestones, such as:

  •         Launching a custodial regulated exchange and wallet
  •         Launching a derivatives platform for futures trading
  •         Designing a non-custodial digital wallet
  •         Offering cross-chain lending pools
  •         Launching a native stablecoin

In addition to receiving world-class support from ZK International, xSigma Corporation also has the backing of Dentoro Alliance LP, a European software giant that will provide key development and operational resources. The xSigma project is being led by an in-house team of award-winning software developers and engineers formerly of Google, Amazon, Facebook, Ripple Labs, 1inch and others.

XSigma Corporation has several exciting announcements planned for the new year. Follow our journey to learn how you can position yourself at the center of the DeFi revolution.



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